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Secrets of the roulette

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Добавил: artemka | 14.05.2014 (18:55)
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Everyone who visited the casino thought : How to win at roulette system ? You can win at roulette , but still always the casino will be in profit. There are 3 types of roulette : American - 35 cells ; French - 38 cells ; European - 37 cells , which do not directly play us. You may have heard the name of the famous scientist : Martingale. This man has created a win-win tactic almost winning at roulette . The point is simple : You put on a certain amount of red ( I'll take one ruble) . So you put on red 1 ruble . And you can have two options: You gain the victory or you will be defeated . So , consider these two options : 1 option. If you win, you earn one ruble, that is, in the end you have 2 rubles . Next you need to put on the black (ie, the opposite color ) 1 ruble and continue in the same spirit . Option 2 . If you lost the bet 2 rubles (initial number increased 2-fold) on the black . This method not only use in an online casino . Since the creators of these casinos have also heard of this tactic and you have this trick will not work . But this method has its disadvantages : 1 you need a decent amount of money to bet in case you start losing and expenses may not be affordable . 2 Please, play 1:00 you can earn 10 rubles . Value of - for 10 rubles to spend time ? ? ? So there is another way to earn playing roulette : essence is simple . You need to put the amount of ( I'll take one ruble) on almost all cells . Just do not bet on it all at once as 37 cells , and the payoff is 1:36 . let's say you put 1 ruble cell from 5 to 36 and you have more chances to win than lose. But you know that is not always possible to win . Sooner or later you will still lose . You can calculate the probability of balls. In order to do this you need to have the statistics of falling balls. But you can not calculate it by 100 % Scientists around the world are trying , but can not at the moment to achieve the desired effect. If you sat down to miss a couple of moves . This will give you an opportunity to calculate a specific sequence of numbers dropped . As well , it will save you money and this can increase the chances of winning. Lastly, I want to say that the game of roulette will not bring you the desired result . So do not expect that the tape will bring you a lot of money and will be your main source of income . I hope that my article will help you and let luck will always be on your side.

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